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OB6 Analog Filter Sweeps – Feat. Culture Vulture

Diamaudix Audio —  2020 / 5 Tracks / Diamaudix Audio

The first official release from Diamaudix Audio, The OB6 Analog Filter Sweeps Sample Pack is a collection of over 3500 samples taken from the Dave Smith/Oberheim “OB-6” analog synthesizer.  350+ initial recordings were subsequently treated (in 9 different ways) with the Thermionic Culture Vulture Valve-Distortion Filter, generating a full spectrum of analog filter sweeps, from crystal clear, to robustly distorted.

OB-6 Analog sweeps is the first pack in a series that celebrates the modern-day classic OB-6 analog synthesizer built by legendary synth designer Dave Smith. There is a special warmth and organic quality that comes from an analog synthesizer, with voltages possessing a certain continuity not quite replicated in digital counterparts. This method of sound creation, coupled with the continuous warmth of the Culture-Vulture’s valve-distortion creates non-linearities and subtle instabilities in the sound which adds a living quality.

This pack dives deeply into the sonic capabilities of the OB-6, and its built-in filters, with 327 original, hand-sculpted sweeps and effects; each sweep and effect was processed through 10 distortion variations of the iconic Culture Vulture valve-distortion unit to yield the total of 3527 samples.   New harmonics and colourations are detectable in each variant, and the high-quality audio is conducive to time-stretching, opening up all-new possibilities

If you want to take advantage of the depth and warmth of a boutique analog synthesizer, without the cost of thousands of dollars in instruments, peripherals, and software, this pack is a great choice for a diverse palette of sounds. The sweeps will feel right at home in soundtrack scores, video-game audio, and electronic music genres of all types.

OB6 Analog Filter Sweeps Sample-Pack contains

  • 3500+ Sounds
  • 327 Analog Sweeps/Effects
  • 10 Culture Vulture Distortion Variations of each Sweep/Effect

Download Size: 6GB

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