Mission Statement:

To offer the highest quality in audio products and services, emphasizing innovation and customer service, while maintaining a commitment to helping the environment through the proliferation of awareness and the minimization of environmental footprint.

Diamaudix Audio Ltd. was founded in 2016 in Victoria, Canada.  Dedicated to the highest quality audio samples, Diamaudix engineers all sounds through a state-of-the-art signal chain, operating at four times the industry-standard fidelity (176000 Hz compared to 44100 Hz), to produce the best-possible sounds.  These high-quality, royalty-free samples are ideal for use in music, film, and game design.

In addition to royalty-free audio samples, Diamaudix Audio offers a range of services.

Custom Audio Samples

Mixing/Mastering Services

Audio Consultation

Online Lessons (Digital Audio, Synthesizers, Music Theory, Mathematics)

please contact info@diamaudix.com for more information