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About the Founder:

Evan Fabri founded Diamaudix Audio Ltd. by merging two passions: music and computer science. Professionally performing music on five continents provided him the opportunity to experience local cultures, rhythms, and melodies from around the world. Completing a degree in computer science, he acquired proficiency developing novel programs in sound design.

Evan worked as a software developer in the field of computer music for ten years before launching his startup company, Diamaudix Audio Ltd. Blending life-long passion, field experience, and knowledge in the science of music, Diamaudix Audio focuses on the creation of innovative analog and digital sounds.

About Slice of Infinity.  

Slice of Infinity is a departure from traditional recording and processing methods. In the creation process, we escaped the familiarity and limitations of the natural world to explore the infinite possibilities of the digital realm, utilizing custom software and cutting-edge synthesis.

We hope you enjoy the emotional landscapes and the technical depth as you journey beyond in Slice of Infinity.


To offer the highest quality in audio products and services, emphasizing innovation and customer service, while maintaining a commitment to helping the environment through the proliferation of awareness and the minimization of environmental footprint.

In addition to royalty-free audio samples, Diamaudix Audio offers a range of services.

  • Custom Audio Samples
  • Mixing/Mastering Services
  • Voice-Over Services
  • Audio Consultation
  • Online Lessons (Digital Audio, Synthesizers, Music Theory, Mathematics)

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